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June 18, 2024

Our Participation in the Handelsblatt Conference “Security and Defence”

In a world characterised by uncertainty, it is crucial to bring together the leading minds from industry, the military, politics and science to discuss the pressing issues of our time. This will be the core of the Handelsblatt Security and Defence Conference, which we will be attending on 30 and 31 January 2024. The conference offers us the opportunity to discuss topics relating to the digitalisation of the Bundeswehr constructively, critically and independently and to gain valuable insights.

Our Panel Discussion on the Second Day: “Effective National And Alliance Defence – Concrete Solutions In Times Of Declining Manpower”

The second day of the conference will be of particular interest to us, as we will be part of the discussion panel on the topic of “Effective national and alliance defence – concrete solutions in times of declining manpower”. In addition to our CEO Timo Haas, this panel discussion will bring together high-calibre participants such as General Carsten Breuer, Inspector General of the German Armed Forces and Dr Gundbert Scherf, Co-Founder and CEO of Helsing, as well as other representatives from science and politics, and will be moderated by the Handelsblatt editorial team.

Our Perspective and Contribution

Our participation in this panel discussion gives us the opportunity to contribute our expertise and experience in the industry. We are proud to contribute to finding solutions to these important issues while benefiting from the insights and experience of our fellow panellists.

The discussion will focus on innovation, technology development, strategic partnerships and adapting to the changing global landscape, among other topics. In particular, we will emphasise our approach and contribution through TACTICAL CORE.

Our Innovation: TACTICAL CORE

TACTICAL CORE embodies a truly open ecosystem designed to be fully accessible to developers, providers and users alike. By emphasising openness and inclusivity, there are no restrictions or barriers to access, participation or the development of applications or services. This approach fosters a culture of innovation and creativity by providing a level playing field for all stakeholders.

A key strength of TACTICAL CORE is its emphasis on interoperability. Through seamless integration and collaboration between different platforms and systems, it promotes efficient data exchange and creates synergy between different technologies. This interoperability ensures that users can benefit from a diverse range of applications and services, resulting in improved user experiences.

Through its open and collaborative nature, TACTICAL CORE encourages the exchange of knowledge and the joint development of technologies. Developers can draw on existing resources and tools to create innovative solutions that spark new ideas and drive progress in the industry.

For end users, TACTICAL CORE offers a variety of options that allow them to choose from a wide range of applications and services that meet their specific needs. This wealth of options ensures that users can find the solutions that best suit their needs and increase overall satisfaction.

At the same time, TACTICAL CORE provides a valuable opportunity for vendors to expand their market access. Without artificial barriers or exclusive access restrictions, providers can freely offer their products and services to a diverse and open-minded target group.

Above all, TACTICAL CORE represents a commitment to openness, fairness and equal opportunities. By providing an accessible platform for collaboration and development, it strives to create an environment in which all stakeholders can thrive and contribute to the advancement of technology and innovation.

In summary, TACTICAL CORE’s commitment to openness and inclusivity fosters a vibrant ecosystem where developers, vendors and users collaborate, share knowledge and drive advances in technology. This approach creates a win-win situation for everyone involved and results in a more dynamic and enriching experience for all within the ecosystem. We are excited to share these principles at the Handelsblatt conference and look forward to further discussions on the future of security and defence.

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