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June 18, 2024

A New Generation of Networked UxV Systems

Auterion, manufacturer of an open operating system for the control of autonomous robotic systems, and blackned GmbH, which provides a core element for the digitalization of land forces with its TACTICAL CORE middleware, are entering into a strategic partnership to develop an integrated technology for the implementation and control of UxV in the digital battlefield.

The aim of this partnership is to apply Auterion’s manufacturer-independent control software for autonomous robotic systems to the information and communication network of the digital battlefield. This enables a faster distribution of reconnaissance data and the acceleration of the sensor-to-shooter chain through the integration of UxV into the TACTICAL CORE system network. This makes the intelligence networks denser and more robust.

The monitoring and control of UxV is therefore no longer limited to manufacturer-specific systems but can be taken over from different starting and location points of the battlefield via a common platform in accordance with the software-defined defense (SDD) principle.

As part of this cooperation, the parties are specifically planning:

  1. Expansion of the TACTICAL CORE portfolio: 
    The addition includes porting the TACTICAL CORE runtime environment and supported communication links to the Auterion Skynode as well as integration with the Auterion Operating System (AuterionOS) and Auterion Mission Control (AMC)
  2. Efficient and secure integration of UxV:
    The overall solution creates the necessary foundations to enable the safe and efficient control of UxVs in the digital battlefield and to establish a cross-sectional platform for the digitalization of land forces for this purpose.
  3. Innovation for the international market:
    Auterion and blackned plan to jointly market the solution in both the NATO and global defense and security markets. This includes continuous further development to meet changing requirements.

In the coming weeks, demonstrations of the solution will be held for potential customers. These presentations will highlight the added value of the solution and possible next steps for the integration into existing systems.This cooperation strengthens the position of both companies as leading players in the field of digital, software-defined infrastructures for defense and security. The solution developed as part of this partnership promises a significant increase in innovation speed, efficiency, and security when integrating UxV systems from different manufacturers and mission profiles on a large scale into a networked battlefield.

For further information please contact:

Dr. Markus Kolland       [email protected]

blackned Sales             [email protected]