Efficient and secure
communication during missions

In the case of disaster or major crisis communication must work – delays, technical failures or lack of security are not an option. With our technology, which has been specifically designed to meet the critical communication needs of emergency personnel, you create a secure, reliable, and always controllable communications infrastructure.

Improve the status Quo

Tetra technology has been designed in the 1990s – but in large cross-border operations, this technology is already reaching its limit. Forces are increasingly communicating via private smartphones on public networks. Budget pressure in the public sector often only gradually increases innovation and technical retrofitting. With our solutions, we build  an “umbrella” of modern critical communication which allows the parallel usage of broadband and existing LMR technology. Our solutions are always self-sufficient, with an open code structure and at the highest level of cybersecurity. 100% developed and hosted in Germany.

Benefit from our expertise

We offer you operational know-how and strategic competence, combined with experience in both the military and civilian sector. We are happy to support you in optimizing the communication infrastructure for your emerging application needs.

Public safety use cases

The following use cases describe possible application scenarios.

  • blackned - Next Generation Public Safety Network
    Public safety use case

    Next Generation Public Safety Network

    Digital radio networks must be adapted to provide broadband services to first responders in every possible situation. RIDUX offers highly secure data transmission and interconnection of network services, providing real-time information to the control center.

    Coordinated IP communication in mobile radio cells must be equally feasible as the transmission of real-time data to first responders. A combination of legacy LMR and RIDUX with LTE or 5G for unserved areas can be rapidly deployed. Drones can be controlled and operated via broadband access and real-time data can be utilized to increase situational awareness (as example with HD video). RIDUX manages efficiently the mobility of radio cells and actual end-user devices in the network, without manual interaction required by the first responder. The end to end Network complexity is hidden to the actual end-user, offering a seamless communication service.

  • blackned - Desaster recovery network
    Public safety use case

    Desaster recovery network

    In the case of natural disasters where the fixed communication network infrastructure is destroyed and consequently communication is lost, it is very difficult to coordinate emergency response teams. A rapid deployable, self-sufficient broadband communication infrastructure is of essence to deliver unplanned communications services. Enabled by RIDUX, first responders can utilize broadband services such as the reception of real-time data from drones, thermal imaging systems and  other broadband communications applications.

    One instance of the rapidly deployable Disaster Recovery Network provides a self-sufficient communication platform for up to 400 users and provide coverage of multiple km. It is easy to transport and fully operational within minutes.

    The system has been specifically designed for first responders without deeper IT knowledge. Our backpack solution is future proof and radio agnostic, supporting both 4G and 5G radio technology.

  • blackned - Vendor agnostic Interconnectivity Platform
    Public safety use case

    Vendor agnostic Interconnectivity Platform

    Coordinated operations must become possible, even across borders, building one common logical infrastructure. RIDUX serves as a common system platform, enabling the rapid integration of multiple different radio networks. No geographical borders anymore, LMR and broadband services can be made available in one logical network whenever the situation requires it.

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