Full control in military operations

Military operations without communication are leaderless. With our solutions to C4ISR challenges, you can also access a working tactical communications environment, anywhere, anytime. Our complex, portable data and voice systems are based on commercially available IT components. This makes them easy to implement and use – even with state-of-the-art devices such as modern smartphones. With our Ridux system we ensure a secure communication point and usability by the administrator on site.

Enable innovation

We configure manufacturer-independent, complex IT landscapes specifically for your requirements.It also sets the course for a fluid transition to modern technologies based on your existing system set-up.” This is fine but a slightly nicer statement is “It also sets the course for a smooth transition to modern technologies based on your existing system set-up.

To ensure sovereignty

With our solutions, you always maintain the sovereignty in your tactical communication environment in terms of conception, control and administration. The networked operation management achieves a new level of security, stability and mobility.

Benefit from our expertise

We design and develop according to military customer requirements and support the operation of our systems exactly to the extent you want. Our system architects have the highest levels of civil IT know-how with military operational experience. Trust in our strategic expertise to optimize your C4ISR set-up.

Reference Case Military

PROJECT KNW: As part of the KNW project, a total of 76 backpack systems based on the MUP were supplied as WLAN voice and data transmission solutions. The KNW is a self-sufficient communication platform for up to 50 users. It is easy to transport and ready to use within minutes. The system is managed through our RIDUX software platform, enabling simple administration without deeper IT knowledge. The second generation of the KNW (KNW2) is currently being developed.

Here we will use LTE/4G as a transmission technology and the new MUP ration (MUP2). Various modules such as switches, routers or crypto devices can be integrated via modular insertion options on the back of the backpack.

Military Use Cases

Today, armies face the challenge of reacting quickly to changes in military operations. Blackned always designes and configures complex IT landscapes with a view to the customer’s needs. The focus is on IT security as well as on the latest technologies.

  • blackned - Soldier Systems
    Military use case

    Soldier Systems

    In order to effectively use the capabilities of the different transmission systems that the soldier carries with him, a central platform as an integrating component of personal equipment is essential. The Personal Body Hub (PBH) is a palm-sized device that is worn directly on the body and consolidates all interfaces for power supply, sensors, IT and communication equipment as well as other peripherals. This enables optimized cabling as well as cross-sectional cross-vendor use of all connected devices. The individual components can thus benefit from a central energy supply carried by the soldier, which in turn allows a reduction in size and weight, this contributes significantly to usability. In addition, the tactical end-user services (BMS, voice and data communication) are merged on a system platform (smart device) also connected to the PBH, which provides the functionality of a universal user interface. The smart device is equipped with a hardened operating system. Also as a subcomponent of the Soldier system, the Personal Radio Adapter (PRA) must be highlighted. It recognizes the ability to continuously use legacy radios for voice and data communications in an otherwise state-of-the-art digital system networkThe soldier system has been designed to the highest military standard, is radiation-tested and developed for the soldier in action.

  • blackned - Rapid Deployment Network
    Military use case

    Rapid Deployment Network

    Specially hardened networks are indispensable for today’s armies. Deployable networks of blackned gmbh must be able to be transported quickly from one place to another. Hardened hardware and software are the basis. These networks, which reach their target area in the country of operation within a very short time, must comply with the current state of the art and be implemented with military specifications. Rapid activation and commissioning are top priority. Hardware stability, compliance with the highest safety standards and easy administration are essential for successful use.

  • blackned - Tactical Edge Network
    Military use case

    Tactical Edge Network

    Forces that act on the tactical level are characterized, among other things, by a high degree of mobility. In addition, they are exposed to extreme external conditions, such as hostile weapons and electronic combat measures. Nevertheless, these parts also have a high need for information in order to make their contribution in the context of networked operations management. In addition, they are often a source of information that is essential for operational planning and control at higher command levels. In order to make this possible, an information and communication network must be set up at the tactical level, which, in its entirety and through its subsystems, represents special capabilities. As a solution, RIDUX provides a mobile tactical platform service that connects the military communication systems on the one hand and the operationally critical applications (e.g. Battle Management System) on the other. The software realizes an abstraction layer and provides essential cross-sectional functionalities in the areas of information security, network awareness, sensor integration and adaptive information distribution.

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