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A wireless network infrastructure is the central building block to start your digital transformation and next step towards “Industry 4.0”. Use cases vary from driverless transport systems, interconnection of buildings and production sites or predictive maintenance of machines.  RIDUX – our market-leading platform software  is explicitly designed to meet and exceed the more stringent requirements for critical communication networks.

RIDUX enables you to create and maintain private LTE or 5G networks, which are reliable in connectivity, fast in response times and provide the required bandwidth for increasingly complex applications. As these networks are typically fully independent and isolated networks, they offer maximum security and data protection while they do not share any network resources or capacity with other services or end-users.

Use sustainable technologies

Wi-Fi networks have reached their limits: data volumes are rising, processes are becoming more complex, and the number of connected, partly mobile components, such as mobile devices, connected vehicles, sensors etc. are significantly increasing.

The Solution: a private, dedicated LTE or 5G Network which can be operated and maintained by your own IT staff.

We originally developed our technology for defense and humanitarian use. Fast and easy to deploy, self-sufficient, stable and secure private networks are our central product design principle. These stringent requirements apply also for other critical communication use-cases. Our solutions guarantee fast data transmission with low latency and availability of higher bandwidth. All of this combined with maximum flexibility and serviceability. Once implemented, you can administrate and orchestrate your own corporate network fully independent.

Benefit from our expertise

Digital transformation means for the industry, the automation of work processes and flexible production processes. With our RIDUX software architecture, all relevant processes can be easily deployed and controlled – efficiently and cost-optimized. The uniform administration of all components and users ensures lean structures and processes. Further advantages are:

  • fast implementation at your site
  • administration of the network by your own staff, trained by us
  • low annual spectrum fees and no extra cost per subscriber (integrated SIM card management).
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fast, safe, autonomous vehicles

Case study from practice: The new flexible transport system for tank containers supported by blackned’s private LTE solution


With an area of approximately ten square kilometres and about 39.000 employees, the BASF site in Ludwigshafen is the world’s largest integrated chemical complex. As the headquarters of BASF, it is also the cradle of the Verbund concept, where production facilities, energy flows and logistics are networked together intelligently in order to utilise resources as efficiently as possible.

blackned BASF
blackned BASF LTE network
blackned BASF


A new integrated storage and logistics concept will help BASF significantly reduce logistics costs. The most important components will be automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which will provide the 150 loading stations at the site. The network and connection of the AGVs will be realized by private LTE.


The high number of metallic supply lines at the production site makes a standard network planning impossible. Nevertheless it is essential to have a consistent and reliable transmission of HD camera signals for controlling and monitoring the AGVs, to have a safe and trouble-free production.


In order to ensure a trouble and failure-free operation, BASF invests in an own private LTE network consisting of blackned software Ridux and Airspan base stations. The BASF LTE network transmit the control and video data to the AGVs which are integrated in a site network infrastructure, operated as AVG Campus network. Therefore BASF guarantees an upload data rate of 15 Mbit/s with a low latency of <50ms each AGV. BASF keeps control of all elements of production.

The LTE-core components are realized by Ridux. Ridux includes the so called “Evolved Packet Core (EPC)” with its base components MME and SAEGw as well as the HSS in software and luilds the private LTE network together with Airspan base stations (eNodeBs).

Ridux enables BASF an unique administration of all components and users of the private LTE system. The intuitive Ridux interface allows simple integration of the existing network infrastructure.


Establishing a private LTE network enables BASF a modern, innovative and highly efficient logistics concept as well it will help BASF significantly reduce logistics costs. The efforts, having an own private LTE network, are effectively:

  • Low annual fees for the use of frequencies
  • Network administration by our trained staff
  • No additional costs due tothe SIM Card Management of Ridux
  • Available end devices and a wide range of applications
  • LTE technology will be produced in high quantities, thereby cost-optimised and assured of a good future


Gerd Wosien, Industrial Communication Technology, BASF SE

Industry USE CASES

The following use cases describe possible application scenarios.

  • blackned  - Private cellular industry networks
    Industry use case

    Private cellular industry networks

    The industry needs fast-to-implement private LTE/5G industrial networks for new applications. Certain applications require a very low transmission latency as well as high availability of services. Services such as industrial-scale IoT, autonomous driving, VR display applications, control of robots and drones as well as image and process data can be implemented with a private LTE / 5G industrial network,

    Key factors are flexibility, cost-effectiveness and speed of implementation in order to introduce successfully new innovations. RIDUX offers a central software solution for private mobile network architectures and enables administrating and managing your network by your own IT staff.

  • blackned - Oil, Gas, Mining Network
    Industry use case

    Oil, Gas, Mining Network

    Interconnecting vehicles, people and infrastructure via LTE / 5G network creates challenges for operators of mines and opencast mines.  Vehicle communication for autonomous driving is an innovation enabler or data collection from extraction machines of mineral resources with their mining volumes and value creation.

    RIDUX allows operators of mines and opencast mines to set up, administrate and run a private LTE / 5G industrial network themselves. Thus, data is always available in real time independent from the coverage of a public network operator.

  • blackned  - Railway ÖPNV communications
    Industry use case

    Railway ÖPNV communications

    The gap of digital radio communication in public transport can be addressed by private LTE/5G industrial networks. Special focus will be future applications around mobility.

    Examples scenarios include emergency call devices for drivers and passengers, data transmission for ticket printer and vehicle engines or voice communication between drivers, control center, trackmen and ticket inspectors. As well as software updates or configurations could be done over the air at the depot. Autonomous vehicles can transmit environmental data, videos, noise, distances and temperature data to the control center. Future requirements will enable instruction updates to automatic driving programs or voice and video communication to the passengers by the control center.

    Base stations are placed along the rail network. A fiber ring will connect base stations with each other. Our software solution RIDUX will administrate and manage the network.

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