Secure communication in any scenario

Our software platform RIDUX is the answer to the challenges that networks have to face in action. These must work under all possible circumstances, adapting seamlessly to the circumstances and being able to operate intuitively – with minimal intervention and technical knowledge.

From complexity to functionality

We deliver a fully integrated solution with a simplified user interface and out-of-the-box service components. This ensures that a wide range of platforms, technologies, protocols, waveforms with additional provisioning and coverage issues work safely and effectively in a dynamic and heterogeneous environment. The control of Systems and system clusters takes place via a single interface.

With outstanding technology to your own secure network

Your private network is based on an EPC (envolved package core) provided by us. This makes it both self-sufficient and ultimately cost-effective. It builds up automatically, offers de-centralized management and is self-optimizing thanks to self-healing network properties. The integrity and availability of the system are guaranteed at all times.

blackned - high-mobility communications network
always available

always available

Critical services do not allow for any downtime or unavailability

easy to use

easy to use

The user should concentrate on his or her mission. Additional distraction due to complicated and difficult operation must be avoided

dynamic network plan

dynamic network plan

Networks cannot be planned in a mobile or deployable environment. A transparent MANET approach for the entire network infrastructure is therefore necessary



Missions and Projects must be able to scale and adapt to new circumstances at any time without any administrative intervention



The user needs to rely on the integrity and availability of their system at all times


With RIDUX, we offer you the assurance that our solutions for highly mobile communications networks fully meet the high and demanding requirements for critical infrastructures.

  • Software Solution

    Software Solution

    • RIDUX is a complete solution for operating critical communication infrastructures
    • All functions in one software
    • Includes a secured and hardened operating system
    • Optimized for supported hardware or as CloudReady Image
    • Supports seamless end-user mobility even in an unstable environment with ever-changing network conditions
    • All functionalities in one update – reduces maintenance times
  • User Interface / System Management

    User Interface / System Management

    • Complete management is possible through a single and simplified user interface
    • Reducing the training effort and times for commissioning through the simplified user interface
    • RIDUX reduces the complexity of user input – deployment operations become ever simpler
    • Integrated validation operations check configurations before use and correct them if necessary
    • The close integration with XONITOR (network management) allows highly scalable scenarios in heterogeneous environments
  • Service Platform

    Service Platform

    • Basic network services such as DNS, DHCP, NAT, 802.1X authentication, certificate management, own Root CA.
    • KVM virtualization hypervisor to bring in additional services
    • All services are applicable in MANET and Mesh network
    • Service scaling in all directions
    • Profile and snapshot options allow you to meet a variety of scenario needs with minimal effort
  • MeshFlow / SDN

    MeshFlow / SDN

    • With the aid of a new SDN controller, there are no more SPOFs in the SDN network
    • Significant reduction of management traffic between systems thereby narrowband network possible
    • Strict QoS and shaping / enforcement for the efficient use of data rates
    • Manage and control all network operations through automated and synchronized database logic
  • Extended Data Routing and Forwarding

    Extended Data Routing and Forwarding

    • Multi-Protocol and Multi-Topology Routing (MP-MTR) provides a fully controllable classified routing for all voice and data traffic
    • Multiple and simultaneous multipath for each traffic completely controllable
    • Perfect QoS integration in the end-to-end principle
    • Open interfaces for service integration
    • A wide range of dynamic routing protocols
    • Complete control of backbone and narrowband communication
  • Secured Operations

    Secured Operations

    • Separate Kernel of Open Transport Networking and Qualified Information Security allowed
    • Group Based VPN Service in combination with RIDUX ACCESS FRAMEWORK
    • Advanced Security with Secure Element Crypto
    • D2D and Multicast enables VPN IPSec connections
    • The fully configurable firewall allows the control of all traffic
    • VPN transport and tunnel mode for secure transmission of data over insecure networks
  • Updates / LCM / Integration

    Updates / LCM / Integration

    • Permanent and automated Vulnerability Testing
    • Extended SLA Services with hotfix / vulnerability fix
    • 24-hour build results
    • Agile SCRUM development
  • Collaboration Server

    Collaboration Server

    • Complete VoIP solution with convenience features as part of a complete SIP PBX
    • VoLTE Operations incl. 3GPP interfaces for dynamic QOS
    • SIP Session Border Controller with priority switching
    • Critical Comms Support for Push to Talk and Push to Video
    • Contains manageable communication capabilities in tactical mobile networks
    • The information exchange possible via tactical radio or MCPTT in the narrowband
    • Messages for BFT and alarm systems with open interfaces are available and can be further integrated
    • Collaboration services are fully integrated with our MeshFlow® design, enabling a distributed numbering plan
  • Cellular Core

    Cellular Core

    • RIDUX includes a complete Microcore for 4G / LTE (EPC) and 5G (5GC) networks
    • RIDUX Core is natively implemented as an SDN environment
    • 3GPP compliant RAN interface
    • RIDUX Core supports MANET situations with our unique MeshFLOW® solution
    • RAN management for eNodeB / gNodeB included for simplified system administration
    • SIM card management and provisioning
    • Full QoS integration
    • Our MeshFLOW® solution provides seamless service mobility even when the backbone connection is down and out of service
  • Collaboration Client App

    Collaboration Client App

    • Android® applications for VoIP
    • PTT and PTV solutions are fully integrated
    • Messaging Client
    • Support of decentralized gateways / merging with PRA (Portable Radio Adapter)
    • Presence functionalities with live geomapping in own map view
    • Legacy Language and Data Support (DMO)
    • Equipment such as bodycams can be easily integrated

Ridux Module

We combine our hardware and software solutions to obtain your individual application. Reliable, scalable, and easy to use.


blackned - RIDUX BASE

RIDUX BASE includes all the functionality required to operate any type of MANET, mesh or traditional network.
In conjunction with our intuitive and integrated user interface, the system can be configured and operated holistically. In addition, BASE is equipped with our MP-MTR technology (multi-protocol multi-topology router), distributed MANET data management system, user and device management, type 2 hypervisor for virtual guest services and much more.

  • RIDUX Enterprise

blackned - RIDUX Enterprise

RIDUX ENTERPRISE is our unique implementation of the functions and services required to operate 4G LTE networks in MANET / Mesh environments. Enterprise seamlessly integrates with our BASE package and provides true mesh capability for 3GPP RAN networks including inter-EPC handovers via SND / MeshFlow and interfaces to our MANET-enabled IMS RIDUX COLLABORATION solution.

  • Collaboration

blackned - RIDUX Collaboration

RIDUX COLLABORATION includes MANET-enabled services to provide communication capability in tactical mobile networks. Integrated services include HD voice, push to talk, messaging, file sharing and video communication. These are provided to the user in the manner known by the private smartphone. The variability of the network and server-side service delivery, directly through the next node, are kept transparent from a user perspective.

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