Hardware data transmission systems

Based on commercial IT components, we design and support the operation of complex deployable data and voice systems. The focus is on safe operation and the associated operability by the local administrator.
Our complete hardware solutions reduce the initial commissioning as well as the continuous operation of IT landscapes to an administrative minimum.

Military Operational Experience

We design and develop our hardware according to customer requirements. Our system architects have the highest level of civil IT know-how with military operational experience. Our unique selling point comprises of our professional competence, high understanding of the mission projects, the utilizations and the end-users requirements.

easy to use

Easy transport, a variety of interfaces as well as the integrated touchscreen allow easy operation


Designed for the most adverse environmental conditions, the MUP supports our customers in critical deployments

all from one source

Network setup and management as well as network monitoring on one platform


Up to 11 devices can be physically connected


Hardware platform for the connection of Switch, Router, 4G / LTE modem and additional SSD hard disk

Platform Hardware Module

  • MUP

The Mobile Unified Platform (MUP) is the key element of the blackned system solutions (BIK, RIK & VIK). It forms the hardware platform optimized for Ridux, which, due to its large number of interfaces, supports customers with a wide variety of application scenarios. The integrated 5-inch touch screen also allows easy operation and control of the Ridux software. For uncompromising communication in the most adverse environmental conditions, the MUP has been designed and tested to achieve an IP rating of 65 and can be operated easily in a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 60 ° C. Along with the our Long-Term Support and the SLA-based HW Maintenance, blackned offers your customers an individual solution from a single source.

Via an expansion card, additional internal memory is provided, e.g. to provision the operation of a virtual machine. Furthermore, an LTE modem is installed on the expansion card to allow the use of an existing LTE mobile network via a SIM card.