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Digitalisation of Armed Forces

Effective and secure communication on the battlefield plays a pivotal role in the success of military operations. However, traditional hierarchical communication and information systems have often led to critical situation information being inaccessible at various levels of action and during crucial times. To overcome these limitations, a comprehensive digitalisation approach is necessary.

This is where blackned comes in. We create solutions for the digitalization and networking of existing and new information and communication systems. In this way, we achieve effective interoperability with the existing digital and analogue radio technologies, but also the integration of new procurements.

Digital Superiority in the Battlespace

Since its foundation in 2009, blackned has specialised in the development of software-based defence solutions. With the tactical middleware RIDUX and the management system XONITOR in particular, the company forms the core of an advanced architecture for the digitalisation of land forces. The digital ecosystem TACTICAL CORE, developed by blackned, provides a future-proof and open framework for the implementation of digitalisation projects within the NATO armed forces. With a clear focus on modern technologies and customer-centric solutions, blackned strives to provide innovative products and services to effectively fulfil the digital transformation requirements of the armed forces.

Cyber Security

Security is a top priority for the TACTICAL CORE products. Our platform offers end-to-end security across various transmission media and also meets the requirements of organisations with high security standards. A key feature is the decentralised key generation and distribution, which protects all communication. RIDUX is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to NATO/EU Restricted and in Germany up to Classified information (VS-NfD).


Deployments require rapid and unpredictable movement of communication nodes and soldiers, making advanced network planning difficult. RIDUX is specifically designed to enable a dynamic, self-organising and self-healing network of networks. With the patented MeshFlow, seamless connectivity is possible even when soldiers move dynamically from one theatre of operations to another. Each node automatically recognises and identifies neighbouring nodes, providing a common communication link and information space.


The variety of communications equipment in military forces varies considerably, even within a single country. The technology on offer ranges from narrowband VHF, UHF and SAT to modern mobile broadband connections, but interoperability is limited by manufacturer-specific and proprietary solutions.

RIDUX is an innovative platform that integrates digital radio devices via IP interfaces and manages them via radio demons. It provides transparent information and communication that extends to the tactical edge and runs over multiple transmission media. RIDUX works with commonly available radio technologies and providers (VHF, UHF, SATCOM, 4G, 5G…) and is independent of specific hardware.


A modern, IP-enabled and secure communication and information network at the tactical level requires a reliable and stable network environment. Each RIDUX node therefore offers a complete set of service functions, including embedded services such as PTT, PTV, location services and information storage, autonomously or in a network.

The entire network is based on a decentralised architecture, there is no hierarchical structure and no single point of failure in the network. Each node acts as a backup for others. The embedded tactical routing algorithm ensures that all available bandwidth is utilised and automatically routes traffic via alternative waveforms if a transmission medium is compromised or no longer available.


The continuous integration of additional information, devices, technologies, and systems within a network brings about a substantial increase in complexity. As a consequence, operating and maintaining such a complex network, particularly during critical missions, poses significant challenges.

All nodes and their connected devices are efficiently managed through a unified and user-friendly interface. This intuitive manage- ment interface provides a „single pane of glass,“ enabling seamless management of multiple nodes, even when they are heteroge- neous in nature. 

Next Generation Defence Software


Invisible Control Centre for Secure Battlefield Communication

RIDUX serves as versatile middleware that enables seamless networking of all devices, including older ones, to create a standardised digital shared information space for efficient communication and data exchange.


Cross-manufacturer Resilience of all Digital Functions

Your Comprehensive Solution for Effortless Network Management and Monitoring. Gain a Complete Picture with Minimal Effort.


Fighting Soldiers Trust Their RCC

Serving as the dedicated smartphone application, RCC empowers soldiers, whether dismounted or situated within an infantry fighting vehicle, to access critical information in real time. 

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